Fish N Force Bass Tournament Rules

  1. RULES. The following rules will be interpreted by the tournament director and/or committee and all decisions are final.
  2. ELIGIBILITY. At least ONE member of the team must be 18 years of age or older to operate the boat. NO age limit on partner. Entry fee will be accepted or rejected at the discretion of the tournament director and/or committee.
  3. ENTRY FEES. See applicable entry schedule in the brochure. If check is returned from bank for any reason, entrants will be charged $25.00, no refund. If a returned check is not made good within 10 days notice, that contestant will be banned from all future events.
  4. DEPARTURE & RETURN. This is a trailoring event, so if you prepay you may put in at any ramp, that is accessible by water from the host ramp. If you do not prepay, you must check-in the morning of the event. You are allowed to put in at any ramp one time unless exception is made by the director.
  5. SCORING. Five (5) fish limit, 14 inch minimum length. Bass measurement; mouth closed anyway to get tail to hit mark. Only largemouth, spotted and smallmouth bass will be counted. Total stringer weight per team will determine place. Any bass not within legal limits will cause two pounds to be subtracted from total weight per team plus loss of short fish. Any frozen or iced fish presented for weigh-in will result in immediate disqualification. Any dead fish will be weighed at discretion of officials. 1/2 pound will be deducted from live weight for each dead fish. Ruling will be final. Weigh slips will be signed by one team member. All fish must be caught during the day of the tournament, 5 fish per team measured on flat board. (State law has precedent.)
  6. TACKLE & EQUIPMENT. Only artificial bait or lures may be used. Pork-style baits are allowed. No trolling, must be caught on rod and reel.
  7. PERMITTED FISHING LOCATION. Anywhere on the tournament lake except 50 yards of any contestant’s anchored boat. Fishing from boat only. Cannot leave boat in order to enter shallow areas.
  8. BOATS & MOTORS. Any safe boat 10 feet or longer if powered by an engine 10 horsepower or more. There are no maximum horsepower restrictions. Any brand of boat may be used in tournament.
  9. SAFETY & SPORTSMANSHIP. Safe boating and fishing practices must be observed at all times. Life jackets must be worn when boat is on plane.
  10. MONEY TIES. In case of tie, the winner will be the team with the most fish. If both teams have the same number of fish, the team with the biggest fish will be the winner. If a tie still exists, the two or more positions will be added together, divided by the number of ties with the amount of payback awarded equally.
  11. TRUTH DETECTOR (POLYGRAPH) TEST. The test will be given. By signature on entry form and/or participation, contestants agree to a polygraph test by a qualified examiner. Refusal to submit will result in immediate disqualification.
  12. LOCKING. Anglers may lock through on the river. Observe lock rules.
  13. PROTEST. Any protest must be in writing and filed with the tournament officials within 15 minutes of conclusion of weigh-in.
  14. NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES may be in your possession during tournament, immediate disqualification applies.
  15. TOURNAMENT PROCEDURES. Entries are received both at the ramp and by mail. Once entry is received, you will be given an official start time to fish. Once contestants boat is loaded, contestants competition day is over (unless otherwise directed by directors). Teams then will proceed to weigh-in. Once your fish are weighed, make sure your weight is correct on official weigh-in form. Sign, take your copy. Once signed, no changes can be made.
  17. LATE PENALTY. One pound per minute up to ten minutes will be deducted, then disqualification. NO EXCUSES OR EXCEPTIONS.
  18. FISHING ALONE. Contestants may elect to fish without a partner and pay full entry fee.
  19. OPEN EVENT. Open to any angler.
  20. CULLING FISH. No team may have more than five (5) fish in the live well at any time, must cull immediately.
  21. SUBSTITUTIONS. You may have (2) subs a year. A substitution fee of $40.00 is required. If a sub is required for the championship, that person must have fished at least one tournament to be eligible to fish, unless exception is made by director.